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New Year Greeting(2010YEAR)
Suzhou Xinsheng Vehicle Transportation Co., Ltd   2010-02-01 16:13:02 Author:SystemMaster Source:

My customers, happy new year!

Lunar New Year’s Eve is coming and the year of 2009 has passed. Standing at the point of the coming year and looking back at the past, our company, under your support, has survived the global financial crisis and shown a growth momentum. We have renewed our acknowledgement that the development of ourselves is very important, but the support of our customers is of overriding significance. Our company would be knocked out without your help. Today, learning from the crisis of the market, we have been fully aware of the driving force hidden in our customers. Therefore, in hope of doing our business better, I would like to extend my sincere wish to our customers, for business booming and a happy new year. I also would like to inform you of our plan in the next year and hope to receive your guidance and supervision.


In the light of the effect of world financial crisis on our country and our company, we have been aware that we need to restore the whole established operation mechanism, namely, meeting the market demand, integrating resources and being in the service of market. To strengthen local businesses and put more emphasis on businesses of other regions, we decide to send more personnel and equipment to participate in operations of other regions. In order to enhance the operation quality, we need to change the former extensive operation and examine each project of our company by meticulous project management.


Meanwhile, we decide to establish Human Resources & Training Department in February 2010. In addition to intensifying the training and examination of new staff, we need to reinforce the training of existing staff, both officers of management rank and those on concurrent posts. Content of training covers three parts. The first is moral education. Each personnel should carry out work in a good manner. The quality of project shows reputation of the company. The second is operation procedure. We should promote professional knowledge of operators by scientific method. The knowledge involves the use of strength, leverage, resultant force and component force, as well as the use of mechanics and the coordination with mechanics. The third is teamwork and the relation between personnel and the team. In a word, we hope that every personnel is able to carry out work independently and cooperate with each other better, so that the operation of the whole team is standardized and of high efficiency. Each person, I hope, will be able to work according to the standard and form a good habit in the work. In this way, they can do every project better.


In conclusion, I’d like to tell you that we have agreed to set the coming year as “Year of Safety’’. We determine to carry out all work on the basis of safety. (The safety regulation is attached.) In a word, we are confident in the coming new year. Under the corporate culture of solidarity and pragmatism, we are willing to accept test of the market. We will do the work better in the spirit of harmony and gratitude. Thanks very much for your support. Happy new year! Welcome to our company for inspection and guidance in your convenience.


Basic Information of Company:

Suzhou Xinsheng Vehicle Transportation Co., Ltd

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Website: www.szxs.com.cn

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E-mail: xinsheng@szxz.com.cn


Suzhou Xinsheng Vehicle Transportation Co., Ltd

January 28th, 2010

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